5 signs you’re ready to move house in 2024

Posted: 18/12/2023
happy family moving house

At this time of year, it’s common to not only reflect on the past 12 months but to also look forward to what’s to come. And exploring the idea of moving house is more common than you might think. After all, your current living situation might have suited you in 2023 but life is constantly changing, which means your dream home could look very different in 2024. To help you decide whether 2024 is the right time to start looking for your next house, the experts at Shortland Horne have listed five signs that might indicate you’re ready to move:

1. You’ve outgrown your current living space

When it was just you and your pet cat, living in a cosy flat probably felt perfect. However, you’ve now got a partner, two more pet cats and are thinking about growing your family. Perhaps you’ve welcomed a new arrival or have invited a loved one to come and live with you – which means that you’ve suddenly got to make room for somebody else’s belongings. Sound familiar? It’s natural to outgrow your living space – our advice would be to embrace the change and look for a house that better suits you and your requirements. 

2. Lifestyle changes

Major life changes can have a huge impact on where you choose to live. From retiring to your kids moving out or getting a new job – there are plenty of reasons why your current circumstances might prompt you to move house. You might be looking to downsize now there are fewer of you in the house or relocate, whatever the reasoning, finding a home that compliments your life can be an exciting time. 

3. Financial considerations

It will come as no surprise to hear that finances can majorly influence your decision to move. Our financial situation is changing all of the time – and with our homes being one of our biggest investments, it’s only natural that those changes impact where we live. You might be stretching yourself and want a more affordable house to live in, or, you might find yourself in a stronger financial position, which presents you with the opportunity to invest in a property.

4. Craving a change

Are you starting to get itchy feet? We’ve all been there at some point, right? You want a change of scenery – you’re beginning to get bored of the same daily routine and scenery. For some, the solution is packing up their belongings and moving house. Maybe you’ve been enjoying the hustle and bustle of a city but feel it’s time to move to the quintessential countryside. Or on the flip side, perhaps you’ve grown up surrounded by tranquil scenery, so those busy streets and a thriving nightlife on your doorstep are what you’re craving. Remember, moving house isn’t always driven by a ‘need’ to move but more a ‘want’ to move – and that is OK.

5. Looking forward to better opportunities

It might be that you simply want to make life better for you and those you love. You might want to move somewhere that offers nearby career opportunities and growth, or a home closer to the school you want your children to go to. It might be that you want to live somewhere which is more family-friendly or a location which slashes your commute time. Where you live can make a huge difference to your lifestyle and the choices available to you and your loved ones. In turn, this could improve your overall quality of life.

Are you thinking about moving in 2024? Get in touch with Shortland Horne 

2024 might well be the year you decide to move house. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home, downsize or completely relocate, Shortland Horne is here to help and guide you every step of the way. Remember, your house is more than just a space, it’s a home – and it should compliment you, your lifestyle and your circumstances. Don’t hunt for your next home alone, contact Shortland Horne today.