Choosing a management Agent

Choosing a Letting Agent to rent and manage your property can be difficult. On the surface they all look the same. However, I can assure you they are not. Here are three questions to ask that may assist you in making your decision.


1, Who will really be managing my property?

You meet a highly likeable, polished salesperson who comes to value your property. This is someone who seems to know there stuff and gives you confidence in the service offered. In reality, unless the company is a one man outfit then it will be office based staff who will be managing the day to day running of your property. If it is a one man outfit then I would advise avoiding at all costs. Given the choice of dealing with the day to day management of properties or going out on appointments for new business what do you think will take priority? I think you know the answer to that. Are the Estate Agent staff the same people who manage rental properties? If so how experienced are they in Lettings and as will inevitably happen what takes priority selling or renting a property? Ask the question, who will be dealing with the day to day management of my property?


2, Are you really accredited and if so with who?

Many Agents publish redress schemes and deposit schemes like badges of honour. These are not professional accreditation, they are legal requirements that all Agents need to meet. When looking for a professional Letting Agent look for one that is accredited through a professional body. ARLA Propertymark are the most respected organisation in the Lettings industry. Joining is not mandatory and accreditation is difficult to achieve due to stringent checks. Any Agent who is serious about meeting professional standards will more than likely be a member. You can search which local Agents are really accredited by visiting ARLA Propertymark’s website.


3, Who will be compiling an inventory at my property?

Deposit registration is mandatory and any end of tenancy dispute is notoriously difficult to win. This means that the creation of a professional Inventory has never been so important. Many Agents outsource Inventories to accredited Inventory clerks that way ensuring the quality of the report. Others create inventories in house but is the person who does the viewings or deals with maintenance qualified to create a professional inventory? Its certainly worth clarifying what you are paying for.


At Shortland Horne Property Management we have individual staff members who specialise in each part of the Letting process. All staff have a minimum of five years Letting experience. We are proud members of ARLA Propertymark and all of our inventories, inspections and checkouts are completed by independent accredited Inventory Clerks.


Written by Craig Arnold


Don’t just take our word for it

Here are just a few of our five star and excellent allAgent reviews...

I recently purchased my first home through Shortland Horne. From the viewing, the follow ups and to the day of completion, my experience with the team has been great. The property I bought was listed by 2 agents, and given the great experience my parents had in the past with the SH team, I chose to proceed with them also. They were always available to communicate with, and guide me throughout the process of buying home. Being my first purchase, they were patient and knowledgeable and saved me time in chasing. Sue was always friendly, and happy to help where she could. I would recommend Shortland Horne to all Buyers, as the service they receive will be unmatched by another. Thank you again!
Manisha Sharma January 18th 2021
Shortland Horne, and specificall Sue and Richard, were working with us to complete the purchase of a house on their books, due to many factors this was not always as straight forward as it could have been (what with 2020, pandemic etc) but always Sue and Richard were professional, responsive and courteous. Always available to us and happy to resolve issues and chase outstanding issues. Recommended.
Gareth Blinkhorn January 17th 2021
Fantastic service throughout for sale of parents home and purchase of new property. Process was well managed and communication through the whole process was excellent.
John Swain January 15th 2021
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